Who We Are

Aarish Technology is the world’s leading developer of high-performance, low-power and low-cost Artificial Intelligence (AI) accelerators, established in 2018 by founding members from Silicon Valley and the growing artificial intelligence hub of Montreal, Canada.

Think of an intelligent solution to a problem and AI fits in as one of the tools in solving the problem irrespective of its scale. At the heart of most AI technology is a computationally intensive Deep-Learning architecture. Aarish Technologies Inc. (ATI), solves the computational AI problem using a two-pronged approach. First, we offer a patented technology that reduces computation in most CNN by 70-90%. This is a huge savings considering the total computation cost of a typical CNN engine. Second, we offer an efficient computing platform technology in silicon that provides industry best in class performance in throughput, low-power and achievable depth of the deep-learning network in real time. We have re-defined the computation platform by introducing a highly scalable architecture to accommodate any order deep-learning architecture as desired by the developer. Our development platform offers a seamlessly easy to use environment that integrates an industry standard machine learning framework.